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The information published on the pages of the web project «Modern avionics of civil aviation» (English version — www.modern-avionics.com, Russian version — www.modern-avionics.ru) is the intellectual property of Federal State Unitary Enterprise «State Research Institute of Aviation Systems» (hereinafter — the Institute) and its content providers.

Any copying, republication and further distribution of the above mentioned information, including by caching, framing or using similar techniques/methods/means, are strictly prohibited without the Institute’s prior written authorization.

To obtain the written authorization, you have to send a message to info@modern-avionics.ru, in which it should be specified — what exactly and where you will quote. The quoted material at the informational web-sites must be accompanied by direct, indexable, readily visible hyperlink to the web page from which the material was adopted, and for the print media the following phrase is mandatory — «This material is taken from the web project «Modern avionics of civil aviation» (www.modern-avionics.com) and reprinted with the written authorization of the rights holder — FSUE «State Research Institute of Aviation Systems».

Any using of the information published at the web project, without the the rights holder authorization, is illegal and is punishable by applicable laws.
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