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Presentation of GosNIIAS R&D products
at the Aviation Cybersecurity Conference
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E.Yu. Zybin (GosNIIAS) delivers a report «The concept of information security of the onboard aircraft equipment»
18 October 2018 The conference devoted to the problems of protecting civil aviation from cyber threats and the development of modern technologies in the field of cyber security was held on the 18th of September at the Branch of the Research Institute of Air Navigation of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GosNII GA.

The Acting General Director of the FSUE GosNIIGA Vadim Filippov delivered the welcoming speech. In his address to the conference participants, he emphasized the importance and relevance of the issues discussed at the conference, calling the creation of a modern secure information infrastructure and the training of professional personnel as one of the key areas of activity.

Leading information security experts, specialists from Russian research institutes and higher educational institutions of civil aviation presented their developments at the conference.

GosNIIAS employees took part in the conference with the following reports:
  1. E.Yu. Zybin, V.V. Kosyanchuk, N.I. Selvesyuk, R.R. Khammatov, S.S. Karpenko «The concept of information security of the onboard aircraft equipment».
  2. D.G. Bulatov «Cybersecurity Regulatory documentation ofor aviation applications».
  3. R.R. Khammatov, N.I. Selvesyuk «An overview of the main ways to improve security of the AZN-V complex».
  4. E.Ya. Falkov «Aviation information and communication technologies and cyber security».
According to the results of the conference, relevant proposals will be prepared and sent to the Department of State Policy in the Field of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

With the content of the reports you can get acquainted on the conference website:

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