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6th International Conference
«Prospects of Civil Avionics Development»
Moscow, GosNIIAS, July 22, 2021

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6th International Conference «Prospects of Civil Avionics Development»
The 6th International Conference «Prospects of Civil Avionics Development» took place on the 22th of July 2021 in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «State Research Institute of Aviation Systems» (GOSNIIAS). The conference was held within the frame of MAKS-2021 — the International Aviation and Space salon. The conference was organized by the GosNIIAS.

This year the conference was held in a mixed format. Some of the reports were presented by the authors in person, and some were presented in videoconference format. More than 100 specialists from the leading Russian and foreign aviation companies participated in the event.

Russian participants represented such leading aviation enterprises and companies as: GOSNIIAS, NPP «PRIMA», EnergoSoft LLC, ANSYS, Voronezh State Technical University, JSC «Concern «Sozvezdie», «NPO-Nauka», National Research Center «Zhukovsky Institute», Association «AVISA», Research Institute of Ergatic systems, S. Ordzhonikidze Saratov Electrical Appliance Plant, LLC «PLM Ural», Research Center «Module», LLC «Novasoft», LLC «InDrones», LLC «PEERSS», LLC «CETM Exponenta», «Kotlin-Novator» Company, Novosibirsk Plant «Electrosignal», Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, Integration Center of Irkut Corporation, LLC «AVD Systems», etc.

Foreign participants represented such leading companies in the field of the aviation engineering as: THALES, SJTU, AbsInt GmbH, ANSYS, TTTech Computertechnik, DLR, APSYS, CNIT, CAE, LAC, ADR.

The conference was opened by Sergey Khokhlov, General Director of GosNIIAS. In his welcoming speech, he noted the role of GosNIIAS in shaping the appearance of highly integrated complexes of on-board equipment of promising aircraft, as well as the relevance of issues of using artificial intelligence in the implementation of on-board tasks and in maintenance issues. >>>
>>> The areas of intellectualization of civil aviation aircraft was presented by Deputy General Director of GosNIIAS Vladislav Kosyanchuk. Mark Gatti, Scientific Director of Thales AVS France, told about approaches to the design of joint systems «human-artificial intelligence».

The conference presented for discussion modern achievements and developments in the field of highly integrated complexes of onboard equipment and general aircraft systems based on distributed modular electronics for promising aircraft, including general aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and also considered the issues of intellectualization of supersonic civil aircraft in the framework of the world-class scientific center «Supersonic».

The first section was dedicated to the next-generation aircraft cockpit equipment. The following topics were discussed. Guoqing Wang from Shanghai Jiao Tong Unniversity delivered a speech concerning the flight needs and avionics system requirements technology research of single pilot operation for general aircraft. Then Alexander Denshchikov from GosNIIAS spoke about possibilities of using VR and AR technologies in civil aviation. Then Maxim Lelikov from GosNIIAS spoke about perspective means of indication of civil aviation aircraft.

The second section of the conference was dedicated to next-generation technologies and development tools for avionics. During the second section the following topics were presented. Yury Solodelov from GosNIIAS delivered a speech concerning the application of the GosNIIAS software products to the lifecycle of onboard equipment. The next spokesman was Daniel Kästner from AbsInt GmbH with the presentation of static analysis for DO-178C. Then Andrew Chekin from GosNIIAS presented a report of features of digital twins of avionics and onboard systems. Alexander Burkov presented a report of ANSYS technologies for the development and analysis of the safety of complex systems in accordance with Russian and international standards of the aviation industry. Then there was Zischka Wolfram from TTTech Computertechnik AG with the speech concerning the Capabilities and Future Outlook of IEEE TSN in Aerospace.

The third section was dedicated to the next-generation architectural and hardware solutions for avionics. During this section the following topics were presented. Igor Tishchenko from NPO «Nauka» delivered a speech concerning the determination of the possible concept of the environmental control system of a supersonic civil aircraft. Andrew Solovyev from Concern «Sozvezdie» delivered a speech concerning the determinism as the main requirement for the avionics operation. The next spokesmen was Carsten Schwarz from DLR with the presentation of a project midterm overview of the SENS4ICE EU project. >>>
>>> The forth section delved into the new functionality of avionics and general aircraft systems. Gabriel Godfrey from APSYS delivered a speech concerning how shape the future of aviation through a combination of renewable clean energies, new technologies, improved operations, economic and personal measures. Maxim Lelikov from GosNIIAS spoke about advanced communication, navigation and surveillance systems for general aviation aircrafts. Fabrizio Cuccoli from CNIT presented a report of polarimetric weather radar simulator for avionic research applications.

The 6th International Conference «Prospects of Civil Avionics Development» was highly appraised by the participants of the event either Russian or foreign representatives of aviation companies. In conclusion, Nikolay Selvesyuk, Deputy General Director of GosNIIAS, thanked all attendees for active fruitful discussion and high level of the reports. The conference remains an effective business platform for the progressive innovative research and technology practices exchange. It allows establishing and expanding business partnerships and blazes a trail for further cooperation of on-board equipment developers, manufacturers and operators.

The materials of the conference can be found by selecting the appropriate chapter in the TOC of the conference.
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