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GosNIIAS at ICAS-2014 Congress
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GosNIIAS at ICAS-2014 Congress
25 September 2014 7-12 September 2014. The 29th Congress of the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS-2014) was held in St. Petersburg.

This largest aerospace scientific forum was held in Russia for the first time. The receiving and organizing party is a Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) — Russia's national representative in ICAS.

More than 500 oral and poster reports were presented on the following topics: AC and systems integration; aerodynamics, materials and construction, power plant; dynamics and flight control; systems, subsystems and equipment; system engineering and supply chain; air transportation system effectiveness; safety; environment al protection; operational and ecological stability.

GosNIIAS employees presented 7 reports:
  1. G.A. Chuyanov, V.V. Kosyanchuk, N.I. Selvesuk, E.Y. Zybin. On-board equipment prospects of development on the IMA2G basis.
  2. Y.I. Buryak, S.Y. Zheltov. Safety insurance of the production and sales cycle of industrial products based on modern information technologies.
  3. S.Y. Zheltov, Y.V. Vizilter, O.V. Vygolov. Enhanced and synthetic visions systems development on the basis of integrated modular avionics.
  4. I.V. Koverninskiy, A.V. Kan. Integrated development tools for on-board equipment based on integrated modular avionics.
  5. O.N. Korsun, B.K. Poplavskiy. Identification approaches of AC parameters in flight tests.
  6. O.N. Korsun, V.P. Kharkov. Energy approach to the synthesis of optimal aircraft control speed.
  7. T.A. Tikhomirova, G.T. Fedorenko. Fast analysis of natural landmarks for autonomous navigation.
There were negotiations between GosNIIAS and Thales Avionics Company representatives. Cooperation in the frameworks of ASHLEY Project was discussed.


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