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Seventh European Aeronautics Days 2015
«Aviation in Europe — Innovating for Growth»
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Seventh European Aeronautics Days 2015 «Aviation in Europe — Innovating for Growth»
27 November 2015 The 7-th European Aeronautics Days conference was dedicated to the key issues of the aviation industry development. This event involved more than 1000 participants, including specialists from the European Commission, authorities, leading developers and aviation equipment manufacturers. 54 sections where 280 reports were delivered were organized within the conference. In addition, an exhibition involving more than 90 companies took place amid the Aerodays2015.

The attendees to the conference underlined the necessity to improve the techniques of staff training. The particular attention was given to career guidance and early-bird staff training.

All in all, the speakers stressed on the necessity of international cooperation between Europe, America, Russia and Asia for solving problems with which aviation market insiders encounter.

Within the Aerodays2015 GosNIIAS experts held series of meetings and negotiations.

Presentations from the plenary and technical sessions
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