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Garmin to offer new app capabilities for Android, iOS,
fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters
News/ > 2017/ > Garmin to offer new app capabilities for Android, iOS, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters/
Garmin to offer new app capabilities for Android, iOS, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters
12 September 2017 Garmin now offers multiple new capabilities for its Garmin Pilot apps for Apple and Android devices, the company said. These updates are expected to be available in the newest release of Garmin Pilot next week.

«New for Android, Garmin Pilot customers can now access synthetic vision (SVX), as well as pilot-configurable checklists within the app,» Garmin said. «Customers using Garmin Pilot on an Apple mobile device can take advantage of weight and balance calculations tailored to helicopter operators, search and rescue (SAR) options and more. With the latest upgrade, both platforms also offer connectivity with the GDL 52/GDL 51 portable receivers, the D2 Charlie aviator watch and the VIRB 360 camera.»

SVX for Android displays a clear, 3-D depiction of ground and water features, the company said, as well as obstacles and the runway environment. Overlaid on the apps page is airspeed information from GPS, altitude and vertical speed. Users can view an active flight plan as a horizontal situation indicator that is superimposed over the landscape. Pitch and roll information is also available through GDL 52/GDL 51 or GDL 39 3D, used in conjunction with Garmin Pilot. SVX can also be viewed in split screen. Android users of Garmin Pilot now also have access to pilot-configurable checklists. They can by created within the app or on the flyGarmin website and can by synched to the app.

Users that have iOS devices now have access to helicopter weight and balance through Garmin Pilot. The company said this is the first app that incorporates those items into a flight plan or a saved trip, taking into account fuel burn. Pilots can use the app’s database or enter the weight and balance figures manually. Garmin said that if center of gravity limits within the app are exceeded, pilots receive a visual alert. Customized weight and balance profiles can be shared across iOS Garmin Pilot accounts. >>>
>>> Although Apple device users already have access to SVX, the update will allow iOS users to view it in split-screen mode. For Apple users, the update also includes search patterns for SAR flight plans, improved stadium temporary flight restrictions, and the ability to embed GPS-based tracks within a logbook entry, as well as an app improvement for flight instructors.

Both Apple and Android Garmin Pilot users will also have access to flight information service-broadcast (FIS-B) weather and ADS-B traffic. SiriusXM capabilities will be available with the GDL 51 and GDL 52 for those who have a subsciption. Users can also control the VIRB 360 camera remotely with Garmin Pilot.

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