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Manufacturers of aircraft and avionics

Site address Description
www.boeing.com Site of the American company Boeing
www.airbus.com Site Airbus — division of the European company EADS
www.honeywellbusinessaviation.com Site Honeywell Business Aviation —
division of the American company Honeywell
www.thalesgroup.com Site of the French company Thales Group
www.sagetechcorp.com Site of the American company Sagetech Corporation
Thematic sites on aviation, avionics and aircraft industry

Site address Description
www.aviaru.net Russian group Avia.Ru
www.aex.ru Russian portal Aviation Explorer
www.aviationtoday.com Site Avionics Magazine — online magazine on avionics
www.avionics-intelligence.com Internet bulletin on avionics
www.avionics.com A library and a video library on avionics
www.aviationweek.com Site Aviation Week — online editions of aerospace topics
www.aerospace-media.com Site Aerospace & Security Media — group editions on aviation safety and maintenance
www.aerospacetestinginternational.com Site Aerospace Testing International Magazine — online magazine for testing, development and production in the aerospace field
www.aero-mag.com Site Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine — online magazine for B2B sphere of all that related to the aerospace industry


Organizations related to aerospace activities

Site address Description
www.eurocae.net Site European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
www.sae.org Site SAE International — International association uniting scientists, engineers and technical experts from the aerospace and automotive industries
www.aea.be Site AEA — the Association of European Airlines, brings together 32 major airlines
www.rosprom.org Rosprom site — Internet Association of Russian industrial enterprises
www.rosrep.ru Site of the Department of radio-electronic Industry of Minpromtorg Russia
www.bavairia.net Internet portal aerospace manufacturers from Bavaria
www.aviationexchange.com B2B-portal for online trading and service the aviation industry
Computer systems

Site address Description
www.esterel-technologies.com Site of the French company Esterel Technologies
www.tttech.com Site of the Austrian company TTTech Computertechnik AG
digital.embedded-computing.com Site Embedded Computing Design — magazine on embedded computer systems
digital.mil-embedded.com Site Military Embedded Systems — magazine on embedded computer systems for military purposes


Electronics manufacturers

Site address Description
www.cwcdefense.com Site of the American company Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions — manufacturer of electronic modules and systems for the defense industry
www.pickeringtest.com Site of English company Pickering Electronics — manufacturer of modular solutions for electronic communications systems
www.harcolabs.com Site of the American company HARCO — manufacturer of various sensors and cable assemblies for aircraft and engine industry
www.carlisleit.com Site of the American company Carlisle Interconnect Technologies — one of the world's leading developers and suppliers of high performance wire and cable
www.petroferm.com Site of the American company Petroferm Cleaning Products — manufacturer of cleaners, including those used for electronics assembly
Organizations promoting new standards in electronics

Site address Description
vita-technologies.com Site VITA Technologies — organization that develops new standards for critical embedded electronic systems and promote a product developed on the basis of these standards
www.ieee.org Site IEEE — International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, as well as experts from many related industries
Thematic sites on electronics

Site address Description
www.electronicsworld.co.uk Site English magazine Electronics World
www.militaryaerospace.com Internet bulletin on electronics for military and aerospace projects
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