5th International Conference
«Prospects of Civil Avionics Development»
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    Co-chairmen of the conference: Evgeny Fedosov, Science Director of the GosNIIAS, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Marc Gatti, Directeur Scientifique & Relations Académiques – HDR of Thales AVS

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    Participants of the conference

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    N. Selvesyuk (GosNIIAS) reports about the unified automated environment for support of avionics design processes developed at the institute

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    M. Gatti (Thales) reports about approaches to the development of machine learning systems

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    A. Syschikov (St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation) reports on the technology and tools of functional software development for embedded multiprocessor systems and distributed IMA systems

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    The break. Discussion and the exchange of opinions

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    A. Burkov (ANSYS) reports on ANSYS technologies for the development of autonomous aviation systems and aircraft control systems with artificial intelligence

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    A. Ivanisov (National Instruments) reports on the National Instruments technologies in the implementation of airborne equipment Integration Benches

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    D. Zegzhda (St.Petersburg Polytechnic University) reported on aircraft airborne equipment cyber security research

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    The break. Discussion and the exchange of opinions

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    V. Novikov (GosNIIAS) reports on the fully optical on-board network as a tool to build avionics based on DME principles and photonic integrated circuit technology

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    I. Safiulin and A. Geissler (TTTech Computertechnik) report on the Deterministic Ethernet and IEEE TSN for Aerospace

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    A. Chekin (GosNIIAS) reports on the integrated into airborne computing environment next-generation general aircraft systems with improved reliability and energy efficiency characteristics

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    G. Varfis (APSYS) reports on how digitalization will change the ways we do maintenance today

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    A. Salov (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft) reports on practical implementation of an ATN telecommunication network for RRJ-95 aircraft

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