4th International Conference
«Prospects of Civil Avionics Development»
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    TSAGI Scientist Club — the morning before the Conference

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    Co-chairmen of the conference: Evgeny Fedosov, Science Director of the GosNIIAS, 1st Deputy Director, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Marc Gatti, Research Technology Director of Thales Avionics

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    E. Fedosov (GosNIIAS) reports about scientific and technical groundwork for next-generation aircraft on-board equipment program development and paid attention to the GosNIIAS participation in the MS-21 project

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    Participants of the conference

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    I. Gamayunov (VUNTs VVS) asks questions to the reporter

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    M. Gatti (Thales) reports about a new approach to multi-core computing

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    A. Frolov (WiseTechnique) asks questions to the reporter

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    A. Knivel (Rosaviatsia) reports on concerning the aircraft and aviation equipment certification in Russia

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    M. Saburov (GosNIIAS) asks questions to the reporter

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    The first break. Discussion and the exchange of opinions

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    The first break. Discussion and the exchange of opinions

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    Yu. Solodelov (GosNIIAS) reports on certifiable on-board real time operation system JetOS

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    N. Pakulin (ISP RAN) reports on a micronuclear certified real-time operating system

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    M. Strelnikova (UAC-IC) asks questions to the reporters

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    D. Kozlov (GosNIIAS) asks questions to the reporters

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    S. Engels (Jeppesen) reports about setting the Jeppesen NavData standard for aviation data

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    E. Renault (APSYS) reports on aircraft level activities according to the ARP 4761A standard

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    I. Safiulin (TTTech Computertechnik AG) asks questions to the reporter

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    A. Burkov (Esterel Technologies) reports on ANSYS solutions for designing and modernization of aviation systems

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    V. Shurman (NIIAO) reports on concerning the unified hardware solutions for MC-21 aircraft IMA computing platform

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    V. Danilov (GosNIIAS) reports on integrated CNS radio system based on IMA concept for commercial passenger jet airliner

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    S. Prudinnik (TsNII VVS) asks questions to the reporter

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    J. Gatard (TTTech Computertechnik AG) reports on current techniques, trends and new horizons in civil avionics networks configuration

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    M. Ming (ACTRI) reports on IMA development in China: current situation, problems and opportunities for cooperation

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    Discussion of the possibility of GosNIIAS and TTTech joint work in the field of electronic component base for interface on-board systems

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    V. Zlatomrezhev (GosNIIAS) reports on concerning the evaluation of MC-21 cockpit equipment human-machine interface via prototyping bench

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    M. Yukhanov (Volga-Dnepr Airlines) asks questions to the reporter

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    Yu. Buryak (GosNIIAS) reports on the automation of MC-21 aircraft maintenance processes via electronic flight bag

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    A. Plentsov (AirAviaLogin) reports on aircraft attitude indicator in 3D-graphics

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