GosNIIAS at ICAS-2014 Congress
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    GosNIIAS representatives at the 29th Congress of the International Council of Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS): N.I. Selvesuk, O.N. Korsun, V.V. Kosyanchuk, Y.I. Buryak, A.V. Kan, S.Y. Zheltov, E.Y. Zybin

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    Eugeniy Zybin (GosNIIAS, senior researcher) reports on the on-board equipment prospects of development on the IMA2G basis

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    The Congress participants negotiations: from GosNIIAS D.V. Saulskiy, A.V. Kan, N.I. Selvesuk,
    V.V. Kasyanchuk

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