GosNIIAS on Farnborough-2016
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    GosNIIAS Members of the delegation at the International Airshow «Farnborough-2016» (left to right) : Deputy Director General for Avionics I.Z. Almyashev, Chief of Department of Marketing and Foreign Trade Activities V.E. Verzun, Research Adviser, First Deputy Director General E.A. Fedosov, Deputy Director General, Chief Engineer A.A. Gerasin, Deputy Director General, Civil & Military Transport Aviation V.V. Kosyanchuk

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    In the framework of the Airshow the institute’s delegation conducted the negotiations with the representatives of international industrial group Thales

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    Thales specialist shows to the GosNIIAS Research Adviser, Academician E.A. Fedosov the tactic level training system

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    GosNIIAS delegation at the stand of the international corporation Esterline

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