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Aircraft system — a system that includes all equipment elements required for main certain function control and performance. It includes the equipment that is specifically designed to perform certain function, and other major aircraft equipment such as, for example, equipment that provides power supply (AR IAC No.2-2000).

Component — any installed elements at an aircraft: aviation engine, airplane propeller and auxiliary engine, mechanisms, devices, pieces of equipment (including junction), standard elements and other finished pieces used for flight performance (AR IAC DL No.11-95/2011).

Equipment — set of informational systems, computational-programming means, display, alarming and control systems aimed at functional use task group joint fulfillment (AP-25,

Evidentiary documentation (ED) — documentation that includes aircraft tests, reviews and air worthiness assessment results. This documentation states its compliance to the certification basis requirements (AP-21).

IMA platform — A module or group of modules, including core software that manages resources in a manner sufficient to support at least one application. Platforms by themselves do not provide any aircraft functionality. They provide a computing environment, perform support functions and provide capabilities related to the platform, for example, the operation status monitoring and troubleshooting. The IMA platform may be accepted independently of hosted applications. (AC.1.1.DO-297).

IMA system — a set of computational tools and interface equipment of on-board equipment, built on the IMA basis in accordance with accepted IMA standards for the certain project (AC.1.1.DO-297). >>>
>>>  Operational documentation (OD) — the documentation that regulates the flight and technical operation of the aircraft including its maintenance and contains the operating limitations, procedures and recommendations (AP-21).

Project — a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result (PMBoK, 4th issue).

Serial component — a component that passed the necessary amount of tests in the prescribed manner, which is located (was located) in the manufacturing area, having serial specifications and installed at least at one operated aircraft (AR IAC DL No.2-99).

System — a component or a set of interrelated components designed to perform specified functions on the aircraft. A system may consist of components referred to the same category (A or B) or to different categories (AR IAC DL No.11-95/2011).

Validation — definition that the requirements to the product are sufficiently correct and valid (IAC AR R4754). Validation must be carried out to ensure that the final product is able to meet the requirements for specified or intended use, if it’s known (AS 9100).

Verification — requirements implementation assessment with the goal to prove that the requirements are satisfied (AR IAC R4754). Verification is carried out to guarantee that product development stages output data corresponds to input requirements to these stages (AS 9100).
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