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Quality assurance

Up-to-date design process of avionics/Supporting processes/Quality assurance/

Fig. 3.5. Quality Assurance process structure.
Fig. 3.5. Quality Assurance process structure.
OBE development quality assurance process

According to IEEE the quality assurance process is defined as «planned and systematic production processes that provide confidence in product suitability for its intended purpose». The QA process must be implemented every time during development/modification of an aircraft (or its components).
Fig. 3.6. Development Quality Assurance Plans.
Fig. 3.6. Development Quality Assurance Plans.

QA consists of 2 processes (fig. 3.5):
  1. completion guarantee of technical and functional specifications (in our case quality of the on-board equipment — OBE);

  2. plans and processes completion guarantees.
OBE developers write plans on OBE, SW, HW systems development Quality Assurance Plans and also OBE Quality Assurance Plan (fig. 3.6).

Quality Assurance Plans on OBE, system or components development describe methods and means of compliance with standards and also procedures that shall be implemented during the development.

The works on process enforcement don’t require the dedicated body foundation but nevertheless OBE (system/component) Quality Assurance Plan shall include the responsibilities on quality assurance activities implementation. >>>
>>>  Quality Assurance actions are held during the whole life-cycle of OBE development including aircraft control and navigational equipment conception, OBE, its systems and components requirements capture, OBE, its systems and components failsafe structure, components development (construction, coding), OBE components verification, OBE integration and certification. Audits and reviews are implemented for Quality Assurance provision. Mitigation actions shall be implemented if there are any deviations from plans and standards.

It shall be clear that the methods of QA development are not strictly regulated, that’s why the developer (or other responsible person for QA) has the right to choose alternative methods by logical justification confirming that these methods provide an equivalent level of design quality.

Development Quality Assurance actions

Before any peer reviews the proper project DAL shall be assigned. DAL shall be assigned to OBE function but not to OBE in general. Certain functions may satisfy its own DAL if their operation, interfaces and shared resources are defended from adverse influence of lower DAL components.

DALs (R4754A) are assigned based on the most serious classification of failure condition of the certain function at the aircraft level (Table 3.A). OBE (system/component) development Quality Assurance should be adapted for the project depending on DAL for example using Table 3.B. >>>
Table 3.A. Design Assurance Levels.
Table 3.B. Corresponding actions depending on the DAL.
Tables 3.A — 3.B. Design Assurance Levels (LEFT) and corresponding actions depending on the DAL (RIGHT).
>>>  During the OBE development the following reviews should be implemented:
Fig. 3.7. Input documents diagram.
Fig. 3.7. Input documents diagram.
  • Task description check

  • Baseline requirements review

  • Preliminary design review

  • Full-scale design review

  • Acceptance review

  • The first flight readiness review

  • Certification readiness review
As a result of performed actions in the Quality Assurance Plans the following documents will be issued: auditor’s reports, reports on reviews, assessment reports and other (fig. 3.7).

These output documents are evidential basis that OBE (system/component) development is carried out according to the OBE (system/component) Quality Assurance Plan and may be used for modification, certification purposes and so on.
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