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Development of programming environment

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Fig. 3.1. Structure of model-oriented approach.
Fig. 3.1. Structure of model-oriented approach.
During the phases of requirements capture and development of systems and software it would be highly expedient to use the model-oriented approach for on-board equipment complex designing. This approach allows solving problems linked to the constantly growing number of technological platforms and besides, may speed-up development and integration of the systems. Efficient implementation and support of the above approach require corresponding mathematical models and software tools. The overall structure of the model-oriented approach is shown on Fig. 3.1.

Use of model-oriented designing allows carrying out the requirements analysis, development and computer-aided generation of HDL-code, ensuring the compliance of on-board equipment development process to KT-254 requirements, and software development process — to KT-178C requirements. The examples of implementation of model-oriented approach with corresponding hard-and software products are shown on Fig. 3.2 — 3.3.
Fig. 3.2. Example of hard- and software products implementation in the process of device development.
Fig. 3.3. Example of software model-oriented designing.
Fig. 3.2 — 3.3. Examples of hard- and software products implementation in the process of device development (left) and software model-oriented designing (right).
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