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Configuration management

Up-to-date design process of avionics/Supporting processes/Configuration management/

The configuration management process is the application of administrative and technical procedures throughout the life cycle of the integrated on-board equipment complex (OBE), its components and associated data.

As part of the OBE configuration management process the OBE Configuration Management Plan is being developed, which provides implementation of the following activities:
  • development of the configuration management environment (procedures, tools, methods, standards, responsibility and interaction in the configuration management activities);

  • configuration identification;

  • description of baselines and providing traceability;

  • problems reporting and accounting;

  • change management;

  • configuration status accounting;

  • archival and retrieval process;

  • monitoring of life cycle means;

  • monitoring of life cycle data (documents): procedures appropriated to 1st and 2nd data (documents) categories.
This plan should also define the transition criteria for going to the configuration management process and specifythe allocation rules of configuration management process requirements tothe co-executors-suppliers.

Configuration management process in the context of an integrated OBE must guarantee the integrity of the working design (WDD), operational (OD) and demonstrative documentation (DD) of the OBE components standard construction for providing the development and certification traceability of the OBE components (as the parts of the aircraft) and the aircraft as a whole. >>>
Fig. 3.12. The overall structure of the configuration management process.
Fig. 3.12. The overall structure of the configuration management process.
>>>  Figure 3.12 shows the overall structure of the configuration management process for the objects created during the development of an integrated on-board equipment complex.

The OBE components configuration management process has to provide an unambiguous identification of the Complex components, an ability to receive the exhaustive information about the components for their reproduction and change, as well as to provide monitoring and management of the requirements to the Complex, the change and reproduction control of its components, certification data and the tools associated with the certification.

One or more separate configuration management plans may be developed for the hardware, software and IMA platform. If that's the case, you should follow the guidelines of the document DO-178C for the software configuration management. DO-254 should be used for electronic hardware. The modules, platforms, resources, and the overall IMA configuration management process should correspond to the R-4754A.

Aspart of the configuration management process, there is a need to control the tools used in the HW & SW development, production, verification and installation, including the tools to be qualified.

Configuration changes managementis needed for the registration, evaluation, decision-making and the approval of the changes. Changes management should be implemented in accordance with the configuration management plan and shouldbe started no later than the first baseline is installed, on the basis of which certification credit can be obtained.

It is necessary to provide interaction between the processes of configuration management in the customer organization and the supplier organization. Forthis purpose, themethods oftraceability between the system configuration management of the customer and the system configuration management of the supplier should be identified and described in the Configuration management plan.
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