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Fig. 1.1. Interconnection project management process.
Fig. 1.1. Interconnection project management process.
On-board equipment development project (OBE) — complex of interdependent organizational, technical, managerial and financial measures aimed for accomplishing the tasks of OBE's designing, development, production and supporting.

Project management procedures (fig. 1.1) — activities and procedures connected with implementation of control functions that aimed for providing the OBE creation for promising aircraft.

The initialization process of OBE development project is the follow-up activity after the initialization process of new aircraft development or the existing type modernization. The following tasks are solved:
Fig. 1.2. Subcontractors cooperation structure.
Fig. 1.2. Subcontractors cooperation structure.

  • the concept selection of the OBE composition (OBE constructive form selection screening);
  • the concept exploration from the view of the cost, technical novelty, development risks and certification;
  • the designation of the project head manager on OBE development and certification tasks;
  • issuing of the project charter;
  • the preliminary project budget.
The planning process includes the following goals:
  1. The cooperation determination of project associate contractors and project management organizational structure (fig. 1.2). The goal is to provide the implementation of OBE development project via the calculation of entitlements, duties (functions) and responsibilities of the cooperation participants depending on management level.

    After the initial design the certain organizations and enterprises are specified, picked for participating in the cooperation on the results of the suppliers' proposals evaluation. Participants’ functions and responsibilities are described at the OBE Project management plan, which is issued by Aircraft Developer at the project planning stage. >>>
  1. The hierarchy structure of OBE development determination and the schedule composition.

    The complex of activities and goals, which solutions are aimed for OBE creation, takes the form of works hierarchy structure (example — fig. 1.3) and is shaped by the Aircraft Developer in the form of head schedule-plan of OBE development. The Aircraft Developer creates projects of main schedule-plan baselines for all necessary processes and activities for OBE development.
    Fig. 1.3. OBE development work hierarchy structure example.
    Fig. 1.3. OBE development work hierarchy structure example.

  2. The development of OBE project management plan and OBE development plan.

    Project management plan includes:

    • organizational structure of the project management and describing the project cooperation;
    • detailed project schedule-plan (master schedule-plan);
    • the project resources’ provision plan;
    • project budget;
    • preliminary project risk matrix;
    • criteria for the passing the stage of OBE life-cycle;
    • project participants’ communication plan;
    • links for other project plans (development quality assurance, development assurance, risks management plans and others).

    The documents, concerning the development and certification of OBE functions and components on demand of P-4754A and SAE ARP 4754a, include:

    • development plan;
    • certification plan;
    • configuration management plan;
    • verification & validation plan (tests program);
    • program safety plan. >>>
Fig. 1.4. Management structure and monitoring of OBE development schedule-plan.
Fig. 1.4. Management structure and monitoring of OBE development schedule-plan.
  1. The organization of the project execution and control.

    The project control shall be done under the following criteria:

    • «strict following» on the OBE development schedule-plan — controlling the Suppliers on their accepted schedule-plans execution (fig. 1.4);
    • monitoring and countering the project risks;
    • monitoring the contracts and project activity statuses (including the monitoring under the component Suppliers);
    • the compliance to the accepted quality and development standards.
The completion process of OBE development project is the formal work completion process on the project if the following tasks are solved:
  • work design and operational documentation is aligned with the certifiable type design of the OBE systems and equipment;
  • the certification test programs of OBE systems and equipment are fully implemented and the compliance to the aircraft Certification basis is demonstrated;
  • the requirements of technical design specification on OBE and certain technical design specifications on OBE components are completed;
  • the experience of the executed project was analyzed (project lesson is learned).
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