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Multifunctional SW

Up-to-date design process of avionics/Development process/Systems development/Multifunctional SW/

Civilian aircraft equipment software, which is developed according with KT-178C (the Russian Federation), must implement compliance with the performance requirements, safety requirements and certification requirements for the on-board equipment complex of the aircraft in the fullest extent.

The goal of the design process is to develop SW architecture and executable codes.

The input data for such process are:
  • «Requirements on SW».

  • Limitations and guidelines for using of hardware platform computing resources.

  • «SW development plan» and «SW design standards».
«SW project description», in which the description of SW architecture is given and low level requirements are formed, is the result of this process.

Coding process goal is to develop the source code, which implements low level requirements. The source code and object code are the result of coding process.

IMA system SW consists of:
  • Functional SW (FSW) — set of software applications, each of which implements the dedicated aircraft function (AC system function). FSW components may be supplied by different manufacturers.

  • Basic SW — set of software applications, which manage the hardware resources.
Hardware platform and basic SW form the IMA platform, which provides computational environment for FSW, performs support function and provides abilities relating to the platform in general, for instance, the statement-of-work check and fault management at the platform level.

FSW or application SW (application), being integrated at the IMA platform, shall execute certain aircraft function.
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