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IMA platform

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Fig 2.12. IMA platform structural scheme.
Fig 2.12. IMA platform structural scheme.
IMA platform, which development is held in accordance with P-297, includes the following parts in its structure (fig. 2.12):

1. IMA platform for central crates, which provides design of computation-intense operations of all OBE functions.

The crate consists of the following components:
  • standard frame of the crate with 3U interchangeable modules' typical sizes;

  • four general-purpose processor modules (GPPM);

  • two AFDX network switch modules (NSM);

  • four PMC/XMC unified mezzanine carrier modules (MCM);

  • two optical converter modules (OCM);

  • two secondary power supply modules (SPSM);

  • eight dedicated mezzanine modules (GCM, MMM).
Mezzanine carrier modules at central crates anticipate the installation of the following mezzanine modules in PMC/XMC formats:
  • mezzanine interfaces and memory modules;

  • mezzanine graphics controller modules. >>>
>>>  2. IMA platform of informational crate-concentrators, providing data receiving, transmission and transformation functions from peripheral system, sensors and aircraft units.

The crate-concentrator consists of the following main components:
  • standard frame of the crate with 3U plug-in modules' typical sizes;

  • general-purpose processor module (GPPM);

  • two PMC/XMC unified mezzanine carrier modules (MCM);

  • power supply module (PSM);

  • three dedicated mezzanine modules (CAN, ARINC-429, Discrete).
3. AFDX network switch set, which provides high-speed interaction between the main elements and functional units by central crates intra-module interfaces, and also AFDX interface commutation for high-speed data exchange with crates-concentrators and other aircraft subsystems in accordance with ARINC 664, part 7 standard requirements.
Fig 2.13. Unified IMA units.
Fig 2.13. Unified IMA units.

IMA platform includes four independent AFDX network switches. On-board network performance shall be no less than 100 Mb/s. On-board network provides the following capabilities:
  • determined by time data exchange between end devices;

  • physical links redundancy and two sub-networks (A and B) implementation;

  • maintenance of the network’s full operational capability without any failures in case that 50% of network switches simultaneously break down in different units.
Unified IMA units are presented at fig. 2.13.
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