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Fig. 2.11. Flow map of hardware components development.
Fig. 2.11. Flow map of hardware components development.
The development process of the hardware, which is designed according with KT-254, can be represented by the scheme (fig. 2.11).

During the preliminary design process the design concept is formed that will determine the hardware design implementation possibility.

During the engineering design, which uses the requirements to the product and preliminary design data, the project’s detailed data is formed.

The goals of implementation process are:
  • the creation of such product, in which the technical project is being implemented with usage of established production procedure;

  • product’s implementation, assembling and installation.
During the transition to production, the manufacturer’s figures, test facilities and total resources are checked for availability assurance and production availability. During the transition to production process, the implementation and verification processes output data are used for the transferring of the product into the production.

Acceptance inspections demonstrate, that produced, modified or repaired product is working according with the main unit parameters, on whose the certification is based.
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