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Specifications development

Up-to-date design process of avionics/Development process/Specifications development/

Fig. 2.9. OBE function tree.
Fig. 2.9. OBE function tree.
The specifications determine and concretize the requirements for the IMA platform, application SW functions, certain systems and COTS components. The specifications shall determine more detailed the functional requirements that are outlined in the specification for the on-board equipment and complete these requirements from the view of the AC certain function’s operational aspects.

Technical specifications for the equipment and its components are developed by the Aircraft Manufacturer together with its suppliers and include the following specifications:
Fig. 2.10. Function tree of electronic display and alarming function.
Fig. 2.10. Function tree of electronic display and alarming function.

  • technical specifications for serial produced equipment;

  • technical specifications for new/modernized equipment or its components (for instance, for application SW, for IMA hardware line replicable units).
Specifications are created basing on the function tree (fig. 2.9), which includes the certain function tree, for instance — electronic display (fig. 2.10). >>>
>>> Specifications include:
  1. Functions generic requirements:

    • detailed functional requirements;

    • architecture and design safety requirements;

    • interaction between AC functions and/or certain system with operator (crew, technical staff) requirements;

    • interaction between AC and/or certain system with external for the on-board equipment systems and services (Traffic Control Management, other flight services);

    • additional requirements.

    For example:

    • Electronic display shall broadcast the information and signals from the interfacing equipment, and also from the other functions, from the aircraft equipment, from the power plant, from actuators and sensors.

    • The information shall be indicated in English language with the possibility to switch the language, suitable for the operator.

  2. The goals which are solved by the function.

    For example:

    • Indicating of piloting and navigational information, commands for pilot guidance of AC and motion variables control during the self-steering.

    • Indication of the information for the AC director control of across-track error during the run operation, providing the possibility of metrological minimum decreasing and providing these information for head-up display.

    • Indication of banking, tangage, heading, height, speed, vertical speed target parameters for the crew.
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