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«OBE Constructor»
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The research-scientific work on a topic «The OBE components and systems prototypes set with an open architecture development, their performance evaluation to ensure the creation and entering on the Russian market the competitive and certifiable on the worldwide standards aviation equipment produced by the Russian Federation enterprises and accelerated implementation of such equipment at the international market», 2007 — 2010 years.

The state contract number AB/07/518/RGA/K from August 30, 2007.

Unified, an almost complete samples set was created of OBE (on-board equipment) systems, HW and SW components. It was the OBE of Russian modernized and once more developed aircraft. The NTD, supporting these samples, was accessible for the industry. Proprietary standards projects were developed on mezzanine carrier modules with 3U and 6U standard sizes.

The developed computers, crates and modules samples are supposed to be implemented in Russian aircraft aviation design bureaus developments (for instance, during the MC-21, ShF BSMS, SSJ-130 development), and also could be used in the on-board equipment of the existing modernized aircraft.

The advanced OBE must have an open network-based fault safe functional-oriented architecture based on the zoomed Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) using the unified computation platform. Equipment systems functions in this case are performing SW applications that separate the generic computation and information resources. Highly integrated multifunctional systems of the main functions must be implemented in such structure, for instance, the unified program-managed radio system of the communication, navigation and surveillance (IMA/SDR/CNS-radio). The aircraft generic functions of systems are also must use the generic computation resources of the complex at the maximum.

The key feature of such architecture is an absence of «rigid» (once and forever set) links between the on-board equipment sensors (informational channels) and the computation means. It allows implementing the dynamic reconfiguration of the OBE structure with the corresponding redistribution of resources. Structures are formed (with the connection to the necessary information channels of the complex) within the computation environment for the optimal performance of each OBE function. Each of these structures is formed only for the time of a specified function performing. Because of this, the overall configuration of the computation environment dynamically adjusts during the complex operation.

The on-board equipment structure shall be implemented using a minimum range of unified interchangeable open standard highly integrated elements (modules, systems) with high performance and energy efficiency. Features and system requirements are aligned according the NTD, which development was initiated by Boeing Company for the Boeing-787 aircraft in the boundaries of the OBE development with an open architecture.
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