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«OBE Constructor - Integration»
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The research-scientific work on a topic «The research on the integration choices of OBE unified components, elements and systems with an open architecture to ensure the implementation of advanced pilot projects of the AT RF», 2008 — 2010 years.

The state contract 8411.1003800.18.385 from December 03, 2008.

Main business lines of the work:
  • initial versions of choices of the IMA integrated platforms shaping. The distributed network architecture was accepted as a main choice of the IMA platform architecture;

  • specification systems of the end-to-end requirements on the OBE an its components shaping;

  • a technology advance formation for the IMA-technology implementation, including in the peripheral equipment and its integration with the IMA system and also the proposals development on the OBE and aircraft new functionality;

  • the web-oriented base information system of the OBE integration on the IMA development.
The design documentation was developed:
  • a draft design documentation of optical fiber transmission system (OFTS) based on the AFDX-technology;

  • a design documentation on the «Crate-6U-10M»;

  • a corrected design documentation of the quick-response unified IMA platform prototype.
The baselines for the on-board complex architecture (OCA) design and architecture requirements were developed for the creation of functional specifications of test procedures and functional SW for the IMA computational structure, and also the baseline was created for the OCA in a part of the flight management, electronic display and alarming, aircraft systems management, communication management functions.

System level requirements were developed on the systems, which are not included in the IMA, and high level, low level requirements were developed on the IMA functions software; test procedures of the software checking description is provided. >>>
>>>  Development and testing techniques, certification documents patterns package, software and the OBE integrator development tools were created. The complicated on-board systems design and system level tests design processes were studied; requirements capture and tools design process was developed, which automates these processes.

A system debugging of crates and modules was carried out, their performance in a single information network was tested. Work places for testing and software developers, test-benches were created. The complex integration was carried out of developed crates, modules, remote modules and remote concentrators in a single scheme with an image output to the display of the integration test-bench and cockpit demonstrator.

Network computational distributed systems, designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specifications, comply in a full scope with the Western standards. The proposed approach allows adapting the developed items into the foreign aircraft avionics and vice versa. The development general approach was stated in such way, that Russian and foreign developments should be interchangeable.

The proposed approaches to the generation of the documentation, that will provide the on-board equipment certification in the USA and EU aviation registers in the future, may be used by aircraft manufacturing companies during their products promotion at the international market.

The developed IMA computational platform (crate-base computation systems with a modules set and basic software) and computation network distributed systems (crate – concentrator – remote module) may be used by aircraft manufacturing companies during the development of the Russian advanced aircraft, which could be competitive with the best species of aircraft in the world.
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