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The research-scientific work on a topic «The research on the Russian Aerospace Agency enterprises joint development of software and hardware platform of the Integrated Modular Avionics based on general purpose industrial grade or unique technologies», 2004 — 2006 years.

The state contract number A19-0405/04 from March 12, 2004. Technical requirements were developed on the main SW-HW components of the IMA computing means: to computation modules, to interface modules, to the structure of crates and power supply systems, to the structure of modules and units, to a subsequent intermodule interface, to a wireframing board of the AFDX interface, to computation module supporting algorithms.

Technical requirements were developed to the main software-hardware components of the prototyping test-bench. Works on the prototyping test-bench further development were held, a complex debugging of hardware and algorithmic part were held.

The prototyping test-bench provides the output-input informational flows at the display panel from different aircraft systems through the feed devices. Panels, boards and devices testing in a CompactPCI and VME standards is possible, and different manufacturers equipment plugging in, including developers from the USA and the EU, is possible too. The test-bench provides an examination and testing of software and further functions displaying at screens. Aircraft systems control functions of MCDU type are worked up at touch screens with the possibility of the control through them. The on-board programs are also examined and tested at touch screens.

A cooperation of companies on the Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) ideology made a mock-up and prototyping samples of modules, boards and crates to be mounted on the bench or for comparative assessment of different manufacturers’ approaches.

ARINC 653 emulation program operation algorithms were developed in a part of process scheduler, in a part of time work components — current time definition, processes reconfiguration. Components for intermodular data exchange (Interpartition communication) — for two types of ports development: Sampling and Queuing. Components for intermodular data exchange and synchronization (Intrapartition communication) were developed. >>>
>>>  Requirements specifications were developed on the Catalogue international analogues and its modernization. The first phase of the industrial informational «Catalogue» system was worked up and implemented, this system allows:
  • filling the informational system with data on the manufacturers products;

  • searching the products and the products manufacturers;

  • searching on the websites of the manufacturers;

  • searching the international website Promier.
The study on the list generation of the OBE functions based on the IMA technology, satisfying current and future Russian and international requirements. Evaluation criteria generation is provided for basic COTS software and hardware components and related technological tools of the development support on their base the on-board equipment.

The analysis was held of the normative and technical documentation (NTD) current state in the field of aviation equipment development and the structure of the equipment development environment in the EU countries and the USA. Proposals were formulated on the Russian aviation equipment development organizational structure creation adapted to the foreign NTD.

Set of activities were held on the development of the architecture and advanced hardware equipment components for the OBE with the open architecture adapted to the Russian and EU certification systems:
  • the information-management system (IMS) of the IMA was developed;

  • the IMA modules and crates uniform design was developed;

  • intermodular and on-board interfaces SW-HW means were developed;

  • functional modules and IMS mezzanine were developed;

  • remote peripheral modules were developed. >>>
>>>  Set of activities were held on the development of the functional software (SW) components, adapted to the Russian and EU certification systems:
  • high level requirements and software interfaces architecture of the avionics systems functional SW were developed;

  • functional SW system requirements were developed;

  • SW modules were developed and effectiveness of special tool programs during their development were checked;

  • a prototype was developed of the IMA components on-board automated identification system.
Obtained results allow implementing the development in a full scope of the architecture and main IMA HW-SW components, test-bench and preparing for the introduction into service of the first phase of the industrial informational «Catalogue 2005» system.

The proposed approaches for the IMA-based on-board equipment development and workup can be used by aircraft manufacturing enterprises during the development of the Russian advanced aircraft, which could be competitive with the world's best examples of aircraft.
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