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Branches of activities/Research-scientific work, experimental-design work/ > «IMA-Integration»/
The research-scientific work on a topic «The study on the IMA systems and OBE components and elements integration», 2011 — 2012 years.

The state contract number 11411.1003800.18.037 from May 03, 2011.

Standards and requirements specification projects were developed. Design documentation was developed by enterprises-subcontractors of the research-scientific work. Further, using this documentation, the previously developed experimental prototypes were improved and the re-created equipment was transferred into production.

Development approaches, concepts and programs were analyzed of integrated on-board electronic navigation and landing equipment. The architectures choices were considered. The IMA electronic navigation and landing system crates and modules structure was developed and described in accordance with up-to-date standards, in particular accepted in Europe and America.

Data exchange systems builds choices were investigated for information gathering and processing based on fiber-optic link. Studies have confirmed that ARINC818 and AFDX (ARINC664) high-speed interfaces and intersystem data connections of on-board equipment suites for control and navigation by using fiber-optic link based on fiber optic terminal device at a bit rate up to 2 gigabits per second implementation is an upcoming trend.

The component technical specification projects were improved on a weather-lightning sensor and inertial-measurement module. The development directions were stated of aircraft control and navigational equipment in the fields of indication, software, a form and logic of system operation.

Test and experimental species descriptions were presented in a part of functional SW and hardware integration, conclusions, test procedures materials. Issues were considered in depth relating the specifications on the complex architecture, its design, functions and software development creation.
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