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Branches of activities/Research-scientific work, experimental-design work/ > «IMA-Constructor»/
The research-scientific work on a topic «The development of the avionics IMA-system components, elements and Civil Aviation aircraft accessories and their creation technologies», 2011 — 2012 years.

The state contract number 11411.1003800.18.036 from May 03, 2011.

System level specifications were developed for basic and functional software on functions, requirements specifications, and also documentation was developed that accompanying the project development at the initial stage (requirements specification on the design and architecture, interfaces connections tables, traceability matrices). Works were carried out on the hardware components (crates and modules) workup. Following the results of samples testing, done in previous years, the calibrations were held of the proprietary standards projects, design documentation; the changes were introduced into the hardware components; design and technological weak points were eliminated. Moreover, the performance capabilities and compatibility of the samples under development and functional software were carried out. The OBE components and elements set of prototypes was created in the end. It was decided to transfer this set to the flight tests.

Activities were proposed on providing to the aircraft crew the firm and reliable information on the flight conditions and recommendations on piloting. The crew alarming function of the ground proximity was included to the on-board surveillance equipment set functions. There are also alarming function by using the terrain data and wind shear encounter detection.

Processing and integration procedures of onscreen, infrared imagery and their software were developed together with Scientific Design Bureau of Computer Systems JSC, Quantum Optical Systems Co Ltd. Requirements were formulated to the advanced dual spectrum electrooptical system of the enhanced vision. The brassboard of the electrooptical surveillance system was created and its mechanical and informational compatibility was tested with a flying-platform for the flight tests. Reordered TV and IR channels video streams and other proprietary information were obtained based on the real flights; the landscape images were modeled. The enhanced and synthetic vision systems researches were continued at the flight laboratory.

The test-bench equipment were improved, including the prototyping test-bench and advanced cockpit demonstrator. The improved prototyping test-bench allows indicating the situational air picture of the air traffic control on the test-bench screens. The air traffic control operator’s work place was developed. The mobile advanced cockpit demonstrator allows exercising the pilots’ interaction with the aircraft control and navigational equipment interface of the cockpit, allows exercising the display elements, exercising the voice commands control possibility.
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