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SW programming environment development

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Software (SW) development is an essential part of the on-board equipment (OBE) creation.

To ensure a successful certification of OBE, functional software development must be held in accordance with DO/KT-178B(C) guidance requirements. Stages of software development are defined by stages of OBE creation and include:
  • development of requirements on SW (determination of system requirements, determination of safety requirements, determination of design constraints, determination of derived requirements);

  • SW design (determination of the interaction with the hardware, determination of the software architecture and low level requirements);

  • code generation and integration (development of the source code that implements low-level requirements, SW layout creation, debugging, integration of SW components, integration of SW and hardware).
Fig. B.1. An example of software model-based design.
Fig. B.1. An example of software model-based design.
It’s desirable to use a model-based approach during the SW development; it allows solving the problems of ever increasing number of technology platforms, as well as able to speed up the development and integration of systems. Mathematical models and software tools are required for its effective implementation and support.

Model-based design allows performing requirements analysis, the development, automated generation of HDL-code, and ensuring the compliance of the avionics development with the requirements of KT-254, and the software development process with the requirements of KT-178B.

An example of model-based approach for software development is shown at fig. B.1.
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