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Support for on-board equipment certification

Branches of activities/Organizing functions/Support for on-board equipment certification/

1. Development of the certification documents tree on the on-board equipment (OBE):
  • specifications on functions, systems of the OBE;

  • creation of certification and development plans of the OBE, IMA system in accordance with the ARP 4754a/P-4754A, ARP4761/P-4761, P-297/DO-297.

2. Development of the function tree of the OBE.

3. Functional hazard assessment (FHA) for the OBE functions.

4. Preliminary system safety analysis (PSSA) conduction.

5. Assessment (validation) of the specification and/or requirements specifications of the Developer on equipment/imported equipment and their components (software and hardware).

6. Development of test procedures of the «system level» to verify the correct operation in normal and failure conditions.

7. Assessment and development of qualification tests programs for components.

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