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The project coordinator

The project coordinator/

The project coordinator is the State Research Center of the Russian Federation FSUE «GosNIIAS».

FSUE «GosNIIAS» is a parent organization on realization of unified scientific-technical policy of aviation industry in the field of avionics for airborne vehicles of civil and military aviation.

The main business lines of FSUE «GosNIIAS»:
  • Integration and workup of on-board electronic equipment and armament of aircraft and rotorcraft.

  • Effectiveness analysis; conceptual, type and fleet design of aviation complexes and external design.

  • Program-algorithmic support of on-board computing systems.

  • On-board and ground systems of information support development.

  • Civil aviation avionics development.

  • Remote sensing, construction of digital maps of terrain.

  • Satellite navigation, data transmission and surveillance in air traffic management systems.

  • Airspace management systems (ASM).

  • Methodical and information support of flight tests.

  • Computer technologies of special purpose.

  • Manufacturing technologies and pilot production.
The Institute is determined as the head scientific organization on «Development of avionics sets and its on-board equipment and system research in the field of aviation development». >>>
>>> The Avionics department works in this direction.

The main business lines of the Avionics department are:
  • Integration of avionics sets.

  • Development and production of test and integration benches.

  • Advanced technologies development.

  • Software development.

  • Independent software verification.
The department develops advanced design technologies of on-board equipment (OBE), tools and development environment of systems and functional software and avionics design. Great attention is paid to the certification of highly integrated OBE. To support this process, a system of guidance material «General requirements for the development of the OBE» was created. It details the requirements of international and national standards to the on-board equipment development.

Benches of design feasibility study, prototyping and integration were created at the department. They allow carrying out the full range of activities on avionics integration, the architecture of the complex, interaction protocols workup, testing of the complex using the universal models developed for different applications.

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